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High Performance

High Performance Program

In Canada Basketball's Long Term Athletic Development Model, as players reach the Train to Compete level U16-U19 (males), U15-U19 (females), players naturally start to change their focus. Many will want to continue with a similar experience they have enjoyed at the younger ages, while others will crave a more serious and higher competitive experience.

The Kingston Impact's High Performance program is a pathway for players who demonstrate the interest, physical, cognitive, and athletic abilities to play at the highest levels of competition that are available to us.

Female Athletes

For our female players, our high performance pathway is through our affiliation with the JUEL league. In partnership with the Brockville Blazers we have launched the St. Lawrence Lightning program. 

As soon as high school season is completed, St. Lawrence Lightning programs will practice 3 times per week until their league championship at the end of May.

Male Athletes

On the boys' side, we will be offering a new initiative that includes practice and playing in September - early November before taking a hiatus during the boys' high school season.

The training during the Fall allows our high performance male athletes additional practice time and exposure to  college/university coaches during what is considered valuable recruiting times in Ontario. 

Additional Competitive Teams

Those that either were not selected or chose not to commit to the requirements of the high performance program, will still have competitive opportunities through our regular U15-U19 OBA programming. 

For the girls, those tryouts will take place in mid-late September and the season will run from December until early May.

For the boys, tryouts will be in late January - early February and their season will run from March to mid-late May.