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Competitive Program Policies

Refund Policy

The competitive refund is complicated as players who have committed to play for a team have also committed to the financial viability of that team. Also, at tryouts, all players are required to provide a cheque for $200 as a proof of serious interest in playing for the prospective team.

The $200 will not be cashed until the player has been offered and verbally accepted a position on the team. At that point, this fee is considered to be non refundable.

Additional team fees are required to be received prior to the first game. Uniforms will NOT be issued to a player until the team fee is paid OR another suitable arrangement has been made (an example of an alternative arrangement is the family has applied for and received a bursary).

In the event that a player decides to withdraw from a team, the player or the player's parent or legal guardian must inform the team coaches/manger by email or letter. The team will forward this with any additional background information to the Club President.

A refund will be issued based on the following:

  • Up until the start of the 3rd scheduled PRACTICE the club will provide a refund of team fees less the initial $200 + an additional $30 administration fee.
  • After the start of the 3rd scheduled practice, no refunds will be issued unless the team can cover the loss of revenue without undue hardship AND one of the following is true:
    1. A suitable replacement player can be found prior to the league registration deadline
    2. The player suffered a season ending injury

Any refund will be prorated based on the # of remaining guaranteed games left in the schedule as of the date the player requested the refund.

All decisions regarding whether or not a refund will be issued will be decided between the Club President and team coach(es)/manager.