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The Kingston Impact Basketball Club's Development League is a continuation of the traditional House League originally developed by Barry O'Connor and the former Kingston Pacers Basketball Club.


FUN, Fun and more Fun. Make friends, learn basic movement, basketball specific skills and participate in fitness related activities. Develop a love of sport for life!!

The Impact Development League promotes an active lifestyle by providing a positive experience in sport. To that end, we want all players to experience the fun of being a contributing member of a team while gaining confidence by learning new skills and applying them to various games situations. 

Program Focus

  • Fundamentals of movement
  • Age specific drills
  • We believe team tactics are not necessary but an age appropriate understanding of the game is.
  • Try to assure equal match ups whenever possible for positive development
  • Fundamentals
    • Ball handling
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Lay-ups
    • Individual offense/defense
    • Stance and movement
    • Court markings, rules of the game and basketball terminology
    • Encourage fair play and teamwork.
  • Focus on Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)


We are huge proponents of developmentally appropriate programs. This year we will offer the following. Please click on the program for more information.

Program Gender Age Description
Jr NBA co-ed 5-7 An early introduction to basketball based on the Jr NBA program
Novice Girls F 8-10 A follow up to the Jr NBA program, it focuses on skill development for female athletes in a fun environment.
Bantam Girls F 11-13 Introduces female athletes to more advanced basketball skills and more competition.
Novice Boys M 8-9 A follow up to the Jr NBA program, this focuses on skill development in a fun environment.
Atom Boys M 10-11 Introduces male athletes to more advanced basketball skills and more competition.
Bantam Boys M 12-13 An extension to the Atom Boys, the Bantam Boys continues more advanced basketball skill development in an age appropriate manner.

For further information please click on the link for each program. Ages are of January 1st of the current year.


The club will provide all required equipment except the following:

  • Players are to wear comfortable clothing, shorts, t-shirt, sock and indoor running shoes.
  • In some cases, a team reversible jersey will be provided but must be returned at the end of the season.



NOTE: Registration will be available in July for the 2019-2020 season.

To simplify processing, we are asking that all participants register through our online system.

  • Online Registration  (Only way to pay is by credit card)

If you cannot pay by credit card, please download the registration form, fill out and deliver with payment (cash or cheque made out to "Kingston Impact") to: 
324 Waterloo Drive
Kingston, ON K7M 8P3.

If you have any further questions please email for help.