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Covid-19 What if?

What ifs

  1. What if the local school boards decide to not open up to community users for this season?

    As we are dependent on schools to provide  the facilities to run a successful Jr Gaels Development League, if we are not granted the use of school gyms at all then families will be refunded 100% of their fees.
  2. What if the season is unable to start on October 23rd?

    Our goal is to run an 18 week season. If by December 1st 2021, we have still not been able to access gyms, we will notify families if we are switching to a shortened season or cancelling altogether. If the season is shortened, families will be refunded the appropriate pro-rated amount. If the season is cancelled entirely, families will receive a full refund.
  3. What if the school boards do not allow access until January 2022?

    A full refund would be provided to all families. We would look into the possibility of running a shortened Junior Gaels season starting in January and would reopen registration prior to it.
  4. What if the seasons starts, only to be cancelled or postponed a number of weeks in?

    Families will be refunded a pro-rated amount of their fees.
  5. What if a player/coach/volunteer in a particular session tests positive for Covid-19?

    KIBC expects to be notified immediately by the individual’s parent/guardian and KIBC will inform KFL&A Public Health and follow their instructions. KIBC will contact all participants as directed.
  6. What if there is another Provincial shut down and schools are closed?

    KIBC will refund families a pro-rated amount equal to the number of sessions lost.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, what if scenarios are very real and possible this season. KIBC has tried to anticipate some questions that may come up and here are our current answers for them.

Please keep in mind that everything surrounding the pandemic is a very fluid and ever-changing situation and we will update as required moving forward.