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Competitive Tryouts

Age Groups 2019-2020

Major Atom (U12) Born 2008-2010
Bantam (U13) Born 2007
Major Bantam (U14) Born 2006
Midget (U15) Born 2005
Major Midget (U16) Born 2004
Juvenile (U17) Born 2003
Junior (U19) Born 2001 -2002

Who is this for?

Our experience is that some players shy away because they feel that they are not good enough to make a competitive team. More often than not, they are being overly critical of their chances. We would offer the following comments:

  • Remember that we are often trying to form more than one team at each age category, so there are lots of spots.
  • Coaches look for many things, including attitude and athleticism, in addition to basic basketball skills. Skills can be learned.
  • If you play for a school team or are amongst the best on your house league team, you certainly have a good chance to make a competitive team.

So, give it a try!

Competitive Tryouts 2019-2020

The Kingston Impact will be hosting their tryouts for all competitive teams in September 2019.

The schedule will be posted in late August.

Addition information about our Competitive teams can be found in our Competitive Overview or by contacting the club's Competitive Director at

Tryout Process

Tryouts for the 2019-2020 season are completed except for U16 Boys. We may offer another tryout in January 2020 for a third team. Details will be posted here.

Impact tryouts are open to all players in Kingston and surrounding areas. Tryouts will be conducted in an open, transparent, and fair process.

There is a $30 non refundable fee to tryout.

All interested players, with or without prior competitive experience, are encouraged to attend. It is the aim of Impact to have multiple teams at each age group. The number of teams at each age group will be determined at the conclusion of the tryouts.

All age groups will have at least 2 tryouts, sometimes there may be a third depending on numbers.

If you miss the first tryout, you are welcome to attend the second tryout. The club will do their best to evaluate each player in the time we have you on the court.

If you know you will be missing the 2nd tryout, you MUST inform the coach prior to it otherwise you will be deemed no longer interested and will not be considered for a spot on a competitive team.

Coaches for each age group will be posted prior to the tryouts.

We ask that all players pre-register for the tryouts using our new online system. 

This will reduce the large line ups prior to the first tryouts and improve the accuracy of the information that we are collecting.

Link to the pre-registration form

For the actual tryouts, please bring the following items:

  • Kingston Impact reversible or similar dark blue or black and white reversible with a number (if you do not have one, you will be required to purchase one for an additional $25)
  • Shoes/shorts - whatever you need to play your best. 

Following the tryouts all players will be notified as to their standing. Upon receiving an offer, a player (and parent/guardian) will need to decide whether or not to accept.

On acceptance, the player will receive a request via email to pay a $500 deposit. This amount will go towards their team fees. The rest of their fees will be requested once team budgets are finalized.

For our refund policy, please see our refund policy page.