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Competitive Tryouts


Tryout will begin in August 2024 with our High Performance teams. Our OBA tryouts are then expected in September for all girls teams and elementary boys age teams.

Our High School Boys age teams will be in January 2025.

The Registration "Competitive Tryouts" is not currently available.

Tryout Procedure

  • All players must register online prior to attending tryouts.
    We will not register players at the door. 
  • There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee to attend.
  • Players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tryout time.
  • Athletes MUST bring their own ball and a filled water bottle to tryouts.
  • Attendance

    • Attending both tryouts is recommended but not necessary.

    • Players can be evaluated by attending only one tryout, however, a player MUST inform our Competitive Director at if they will only be attending one in order to be considered for a team.

    • If a player is NOT able to attend either tryout due to a valid reason (family vacation, injury/illness) AND the player played for the Impact last season, the club will evaluate them based on their past season's performance. The player must still register and pay the non-refundable fee. The player must notify our Director of Competitive by email prior to the final tryout to be considered.

  • Tryouts are closed to spectators EXCEPT for the U10-U12 groups, where 1 spectator will be allowed per family.

Selection Process

After tryouts are completed:

  1. Players selected will receive an email from the head coach, offering a spot on the team with some basic information about what that means within 24 hours.
  2. Players will then have 24 hours to accept from when the email was sent.
  3. Players/parents may request a phone conversation with the head coach to ask questions within those 24 hours.
  4. If a player declines, the first alternate player on the list will be sent out until the roster is filled.
  5. Once the rosters are finalized, players that did not make the team will be notified via email by the head coach that they were unsuccessful. The coach will be prepared to answer any questions regarding the selection process in an open and honest but fair manner.
  6. 24 hours after the email in #5 is sent out to those that did not make a team, the rosters will be posted on the website.

If you have any questions about the evaluations, you may reach out to our Competitive Director or President

Age Groups 2024-2025

U10 Born 2015
U11 Born 2014
U12 Born 2013
U13 Born 2012
U14 Born 2011
U15 Born 2010
U16 Born 2009
U17 Born 2008
U19 Born 2006-2008

Additional Team Information

For our upcoming season team fees, payment processes and details on what a season will include at each age group, please refer to our team fees page.


We are currently taking applications for the upcoming season. If interested, please got to our Competitive Coaching section to apply.